Reviews From Parents And Pupils


"The school provides an excellent example of keeping with traditions, while blending with standard educational values. I strongly recommend this school as a beacon of all that is good with best value education."

Afolabi Adeosun (a parent)


"Since I discovered the school for my kids, they have been very fluent in all aspects in school especially in English, Mathematics and Yoruba. They are more confident."

Susian Olagbaju (a parent)

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"Very helpful for the children in learning their language and culture and meeting with others from their country living in London."

Mrs Andrews (a parent)


"It is fun. We learn different things, songs, play with our friends. We learn about our culture."

Fiona Kuyoro (a pupil)


"I think the Roots Language School is a very good place. You meet children of your age and learn different things about your culture."

Sola Andrews (a pupil)